The traditional classroom-rows of students sitting passively as a teacher lectures and writes on a blackboard - was deve-
loped to educate workers for the Industrial Revolution. It
no longer meets the needs of diverse populations entering digital societies and competi-
tive, technology-driven econo-
mies. ILAET offers comprehen-
sive services that integrate Schools of the Future peda-
gogy, curricula, technologies, and teacher training to help transform schools to meet the educational demands of today and tomorrow.

Customized Solutions

ILAET can develop solutions tailored to your needs and budgets. These can include:

Curriculum development - Create courses for your objectives and circumstances, ensuring learning is relevant and appropriate for your students. Update existing curricula or introduce students to emerging fields like the life sciences, nanotechnology, engineering, or robotics.

Procurement - Develop strategies and schedules for procuring school solutions to increase efficiencies and contain costs.

Content training - Provide professional development in fields like science and math to bring non-certified teachers up to standards.

Consulting We can help you set regional or national education standards, based on best practices and research, and help your schools to meet them.

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