Schools of the Future

Schools of the Future is a global initiative to reinvent K-12 schools. Systemically designed from the ground-up to integrate advanced curricula, technologies, and architecture, it offers innovative environments where children acquire the knowledge and skills to prosper in a rapidly-evolving world.

Delivering Schools of the Future Innovations, Practices & Technologies

iLAET is an education systems integrator that makes the best Schools of the Future (SoF) practices and technologies available for both formal and informal learning.

iLAET identifies the most promising learning technologies and teaching practices worldwide and converts them into comprehensive, cost-effective turnkey solutions tailored to your objectives, grade levels, and budgets.

iLAET leverages your investments to produce the highest pedagogical returns, avoiding the inefficiencies of deploying hardware, software, and resources piecemeal. From strategic planning to classroom implementations, we ensure that technologies support teaching, not the other way around.

iLAET can help build a specialized SoF from the ground up, or transform existing classrooms. Whether you are a single school, a school district, a city or a nation, we can help you educate the next generation of professionals, innovators, scientists, leaders, and citizens.

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