Prof. Gennady Yagodin

Professor Gennadii Yagodin’s interests in sustainable development, environmental safety, and environmental education make him a key resource for advanced educational initiatives. A touted scientist engaged in physical and inorganic chemistry, the technology of separating and purifying rare metals, nature conservation, and the sustainable use of natural resources, Prof. Yagodin’s has served as the head of Health and Safety for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), President of the Moscow of Chemical Technology University, Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education in the USSR, Chairman of the USSR State Committee for National Education, and President of the International University in Moscow.

In 1988, Prof. Yagodin was one of the initiators of the first Soviet Congress of Educators, which received public support for the liberalization of the educational process and the democratization of governance institutions. He is an elected Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian Academy of Pedagogy. He provided leadership and influenced the Russian policy in the area of environmental protection as the scientific director for the Higher School of Environmental Sciences and the chief scientific advisor for the Center for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development. He also served as the president of the Association for Environmental Education, combining this position with his work as a curator and director of the Moscow Museum of Education.

Among his accolades, Prof. Yagodin has won the USSR State Prize and later the Prize of the President of the Russian Federation for his work in creating the foundation for more Russian education on sustainable development. He was awarded honorary doctorate degrees by the Vespremskogo Chemical-Technological University (Hungary), the Graduate School of Chemical Engineering (Bulgaria), the Higher Chemical Engineering School (Prague), the Wroclaw Polytechnic (Poland), the South Korean Kon Hee University, and Fukuyama University (Japan).