Stephen Rudin, MD

Dr. Rudin brings to iLEAT a unique experience in reparative learning and the remediation of students of all ages who struggle with learning challenges and/or confluent emotional issues. He has been a mentor of individuals from kindergarten through medical school, mid-life, and beyond.

A graduate of the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and former Upward bound Teacher of the Year, Stephen has been involved in the intersection of technology and education since authoring The Human Body: Fandex Family Field Guide and serving as head writer for A.D.A.M.: The Inside Story and A.D.A.M.: The Nine Month Miracle.

Dr. Rudin is the founder and guiding force behind Individual U. and the creator of Individual U.'s "Smart Edzyme" model of collaborative mentoring. For the past ten years, he has developed “Individual Universities” and “Lifepath Programs” for students who struggle with their unique differences as learners, including those who suffer for their academic prescience, mosaic of learning abilities, and hard to distinguish obstacles to success. At Individual U., academic repair is accomplished by a team of diverse mentors imparting student-centric funds of knowledge intercalated with metacognitive inserts to promote executive function awareness. Skill sets for self esteem, self awareness and awareness of others are gained from practices as diverse as Tai Chi sword, yoga, origami, whitewater kayaking, Argentine tango, and Japanese language and culture. To accomplish its goals, Individual U. modifies and incorporates the best available technologies in accessing and conveying information across distance and time, sharing student process and progress, cross-pollinating best mentoring practices, and memorializing individual student experiences and accomplishments.

Dr. Rudin lives in New York City with his son Gabe, 17. His dad Milton, 92, still wishes Stephen would practice medicine.