Professor Takashi Sakamoto

Professor Takashi Sakamoto is perhaps Japanís most distinguished and prolific educator. He is president of the Tokyo Future University, the Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology, the NPO Accrediting Council for Practical Abilities. the NPO Forum for On-demand Lecture Circulation, and the NPO Tokyo ED. He is also professor emeritus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the National Center for University Entrance Examinations, and the National Institute of Multimedia Education.

Professor Sakamoto served a professor of Educational Systems Technology in the Graduate School at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and as vice president of the National Center for University Entrance Examinations. He was a visiting professor in the North East London Polytechnic and the University of Surrey, and taught educational psychology, the psychology of learning, and educational technology at such universities as the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo.

He has authored, co-authored, or edited over 400 books, 60 academic papers in English and other foreign languages, and 200 papers for Japanese academic journals. He authored some 800 non-academic papers, and presented over 80 papers at international conferences. He is the editor for Educational Technology Research and the Japan Journal of Educational Technology and serves on the boards of such international journals as Computers & Education, the Journal of Computer-Assisted Learning, and the British Journal of Educational Technology.

Professor Sakamoto has served as president of such academic societies as the Japanese Association of Educational Technology Societies, the Japan Society of Educational Technology, the Japan Association of Educational Technology, and the Japan Society of Information Media. He served on various governmental committees like the Science Council of Japan, the Central Council for Education, the Educational Personnel Training Council, the Council for Life Long Education, Council for Academics, and the University Council. He has also worked as a Governing Board member of the UNESCO International Institute of Technology in Education, and consulted for UNESCO, The World Bank (Mass Media and Education), and Asia Bank.

Moreover, he sits on the boards of the Center for Educational Computing, the Japan Institute of Research for Educational Material and Culture, the Research Institute for the Educational Studies Center for the Research on Learning Software Information, and the Foundation for Developing Human Competence.