Dr. Jana Ryšlinková

Dr. Jana Ryšlinková is dean of the U.S. Business School Praha, a leading postgraduate school for business education in the Czech Republic, and is working to bolster the institution’s presence and reputation across Eastern and Central Europe. She also served as executive director of the Euro-Czech Forum, founded by five chambers of commerce and industry from European Union member countries, with the main goal of making a stable, transparent, modern, and safe business environment in the Czech Republic. She also served as executive director of the Information Center for Foundations and led several other not-for-profit organizations in Prague.

Dr. Ryšlinková was involved in the “velvet revolution” of 1989, serving as the spokesperson for Vaclav Havel’s political group, Civic Forum. These efforts unified all anti-authoritarian forces in Czechoslovakia, resulting in the election of Havel as the country’s president 1989. In 1990, she was elected to the Czech Parliament and served on its budget committee. Prior to this, she worked as a research fellow and associate professor of mathematics in the Czech Republic, France, and Great Britain.

Dr. Ryšlinková received her secondary education in France and completed her graduate and postgraduate degree at the Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the Steklov Institute (St Petersburg), and the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, having earned a Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic.