Schools of the Future

The Schools of the Future Project (SoF) is a sweeping initiative to reinvent K-12 schools. From architectural design and class-
room layout to pedagogy, curri-
cula, and technologies, SoF is a modern paradigm that reflects evolving societal needs and new fields, industries, and work-
places. It is a synergistic colla-
boration of leading educators, technology specialists, curriculum developers, and policy-makers. ILAET offers SoF to inform and support both new school projects and the revamping of existing schools.

ILAET develops innovative projects to meet today's educational demands.

Moscow School 2030

Take a tour a School of the Future that ILAET helped to develop. Moscow School 2030 showcases how the integration of advanced technologies and pedagogy makes learning more dynamic, engaging, and effective. more

ILAET offers LearningGrounds, innova-
tive learning environ-
ments for after-school, weekend, and summer programs. Featuring state-of-the-art technolo-
gies, learning strategies, and architectural design, they are intellectual play-
grounds where children can safely nurture their talents, interests, know-
ledge, and skills.
Download the LearningGrounds brochure.

School as a
Science Laboratory

Teach science as an exciting, hands-on process of collaborative more

Sustainable Develop-
ment Academy

Harness environmental science, Earth science and biology for a viable more

Future Engineers

Engage students in civil, mechanical, electrical and bioengeneering more

School for Digital Art
& Design

Focus on communications, drawing, music, graphic design and industrial more


Introduce students to nanoscience, the extremely promising field that is more

Math & Computer

Foster excellence in math, computer science, and applications of more

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