ILAET Mixes with Nobel Laureates

In 11/09, ILAET president Boris Berenfeld was an invited panelist at the Festival of Thinkers in Abu Dhabi - a summit of regional leaders and scholars and thought leaders from various fields worldwide. Boris joined fourteen Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, medicine, economics, and peace as well as political and business leaders, and sports and music celebrities ( Boris shared a panel on "Future Possibilities: Education and Global Citizenship" with six Nobel Laureates and a member of the House of Lords.

Left to right: Tim Toyne-Sewell, Chairman United World Colleges, Dr. Boris Berenfeld, President and CEO, ILAET, UK, Dr. Robin Warren, NobelPrize in Medicine, 2005, Australia, Rt. Hon. The Lord Paul of Marylebone, Deputy Speaker,House of Lords and Chairman, Caparo Group,UK, Professor Rudolph Marcus, Nobel Prize inChemistry, 1992, Canada, and Dr. Christophe Fournier,President, Médecins Sans Frontières (Nobel Prize for Peace, 1999), France