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We believe that it is our responsibility to Holocaust victims to help schools worldwide to elevate history education from textbook-centered and often dogmatic to authentic investigations that build critical-thinking skills, cooperation, and objectivity. We strive for education that not only open children’s minds but their hearts as well, enabling them to reason and act as historians.

We believe that by studying the Holocaust, students can develop a keen awareness of human rights and dignity. They will come to appreciate the worth of democratic values and recognize the dangers that arise when these values are abandoned.

We believe that as educators, it is not enough to teach the events of the Holocaust; we must instill in students civic responsibility, particularly for those in newly-minted democracies like Ukraine. Students must be able to draw ethical and moral lessons from the Holocaust, and of the cost of turning a blind eye to intolerance and injustice. They must be able to apply these lessons to the world in which they live and understand their responsibilities as future citizens and decision makers.

Link to Babiy Yar Memorial website: BABYNYAR