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Integration of Future Pedagogy,
Curricula, Technologies and
Teacher Training:


ILAET can develop solutions tailored to your needs and budgets. These can include:

Curriculum development – Create courses for your objectives and circumstances, ensuring learning is relevant and appropriate for your students. Update existing curricula or introduce students to emerging fields like the life sciences, nanotechnology, engineering, or robotics.

Procurement – Develop strategies and schedules for procuring school solutions to increase efficiencies and contain costs.

Content training – Provide professional development in fields like science and math to bring non-certified teachers up to standards.

Consulting - We can help you set regional or national education standards, based on best practices and research, and help your schools to meet them.


There is too often a faith that merely installing computers in schools will somehow improve learning. This is not the case.
Computers and other technologies must be carefully aligned with curricula and pedagogical objectives to be effective learning tools.  ILAET will make su re your technologies support teaching, not the other away around. We can help you to ensure your technologies support your learning goals, train faculty to integrate technologies into classroom practice, and prepare teachers to assess the skills and competencies that students gain when using technologies.


ILAET continually works with leading educators, curriculum developers, technology specialists, researchers, master teachers, and school administrators worldwide to identify and confirm the best classroom practices.

We also work with some of the world’s finest schools to pilot and test new innovations in curricula, hardware, software, and teaching strategies. Leveraging this expertise, we can help your educators, developers, administrators, and master teachers to adapt advanced strategies and solutions into your educational framework.

We deliver best practices that optimize learning for your specific needs, goals, and circumstances. We also can arrange for you to visit schools to see master teachers at work using today’s learning innovations in their classrooms.


ILAET can meet your special education and remediation needs. We can develop learning initiatives for exceptionally talented students, ensuring they are challenged and reach their fullest potential. We can provide strategies for identifying and recruiting gifted children throughout a region or nation to produce the next generation of scientists and professionals.

We can deliver remediation programs for unmotivated students that are tailored to each child’s needs. Moreover, we offer programs for disabled children that use technologies and strategies like multimedia e-learning to end their isolation and ensure they obtain rewarding educations. ILAET can help all students realize their intellectual capabilities.


ILAET works with leading educators and master teachers to train your faculty in the most modern learning methods and tools.

Technologies – We can prepare teachers in new learning technologies and ensure they can integrate these resources into daily practice to make learning deeper and more productive.

Pedagogy – We can prepare teachers in new pedagogical strategies like hands-on inquiry and enable them to assess students when using advanced teaching methods, ensuring they measure the learning of both content and skills.

ILAET offers both face-to-face training and asynchronous e-learning, either over summer breaks or during the school year. Moreover, we can tailor web-based professional development to provide teachers with just-in-time support in both content and practices before they teach the next day’s class.


ILAET can optimize your technology budgets by aligning the most effective solutions with your pedagogical goals and needs. We can help you to develop an overarching technology strategy so you can set budgets and avoid the inefficiencies of procuring products on an ad hoc, item-by-item basis.

With careful planning, you can affordably deploy proven technologies in your classrooms and enhance the teaching of science, math, the humanities, and arts.