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LearningGrounds brochure


Deliver advanced 21st century learning without building new schools. Provide a safe place where children can nurture their talents, interests, knowledge, and skills. Challenge gifted learners with science, math, technology, engineering, and the arts. With LearningGrounds™, communities can elevate the quality of education easily and effectively.

LearningGrounds™ are innovative learning environments for after-school, weekend, and summer programs. Featuring state-of-the-art technologies and learning strategies, each offers opportunities to grow and excel that exceed most K-12 schools.

LearningGrounds™ are integrated systems of walls, spaces, lighting, colors, technologies, and staff that nurture creativity, stimulate curiosity, and foster a love of learning. Students study with hands-on projects that mirror how children learn and professionals work.

A LearningGrounds™ can be constructed from the ground up or an existing facility that has been repurposed.

ILAET offers LearningGrounds™ as complete solutions – from planning and design to curricula and staff training.

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